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Network Under 40 exists at the intersection of friendship and business.

We understand that we live in a connection economy and the foundation to success in career and personal life hinges on genuine relationships with real people.

We believe in mixing business and pleasure, throwing out the conventional wisdom that says you have to change who you are to “be professional”, and being real in order to cultivate authentic and meaningful relationships.

Over 30,000 business owners, professionals, and entrepreneurial-minded individuals have attended our in-person and virtual events over the last 10 years, and tens of thousands of people stay connected with us each week to receive the latest insights, resources, and ideas around professional networking and relationship-building.

We’ve also worked with companies such as Google, Audi, BlackRock, WeWork, Nationwide, Morgan Stanley, Paychex, Insperity, ADP and others to provide new opportunities, resources, and access for our growing network.

Want to get involved? Attend one of our upcoming events!

We can’t wait to connect with you.

What We Believe

At our core, we believe:

  • It’s about who you are, not what you do
  • Networking should be a good time,­ not scary or intimidating
  • You should come as you are
  • People are more than who they present
  • You do business with people you know, like, and trust
  • Networking is about genuine connection, not transactional interactions
  • You succeed in the long ­run when you’re more focused on adding value to others, not of personal gain

Here is what you can trust we are not:

  • Cliquey
  • Salesy
  • Insincere
  • A singles scene
  • High pressure
  • Snobby
  • Industry specific
  • Competitive

Programming Overview

It’s not just about meeting people, it’s about knowing people. Fortunately, there are a lot of cool people for you to get to know at our events, ranging from tables for ten to several hundred person occasions.  We’ve created a variety of programming to help you connect through the lifecycle of relationship building.
Our Namesake Monthly Events

Network Under 40’s namesake monthly events are a great place to start if you want to get involved. This is where we attract a large group (anywhere from 75-600 people depending on your city) who are eager to get out of their bubbles and meet new people. We choose interesting venues in convenient locations that create a great backdrop to facilitate connection. If you’re looking for a fun and easy way to expand your network, this is the place to do it!

While the events are large, they’re made easier with use of our app, our ambassador team who is there to help plug you in, and the simple unnerving fact that everyone is there to meet new people! We believe that social interaction helps you build rapport which can lead to business (you need to know, like, and trust those with whom you do business, after all), so come check out one of our monthly events to make a new friend or two and do some business, should you so choose!

We aim to help each of our event attendees to enjoy their experience and connect with new people with ease. Our ambassadors are there to be a brand extension of what we stand for: helping young professionals make valuable social and/or professional connections by leading with social interaction, so that rapport can be built, and business can come after that should you so choose.

We recognize that not everyone is comfortable walking up to a stranger and initiating a conversation, as well as that the size of our events can be intimidating, so we have ambassadors to stand out in the crowd (in their fancy t-shirts that say ‘Let’s Talk!’) to help any attendees who would like their assistance in naturally getting plugged in.

Dine With 9 (Meals)
Lunch hour with your co-workers getting stale? Looking to make new friends and/or business connections? Unable to attend one of our large monthly events? Find it overwhelming to walk into a room full of strangers? If any or all of these are true, you’re in luck! Network Under 40’s Dine With 9, a pop-up lunch experience, is designed to help our Under 40 community connect in smaller, more intimate environments outside of our monthly namesake events.
DoGooders (Service Projects)
We believe in giving back, and we believe that you do, too. Studies show that people bond more quickly and with more depth when they share experiences. We want to allow you to find fulfillment in dually giving back while connecting with more members of the Network Under 40 community. Thus, we created DoGooders! Hope to see you at an upcoming service project!
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