Become a Network Under 40 Ambassador

Network Under 40 aims to help each of our event attendees to enjoy their experience and connect with new people with ease. Our ambassadors are there to be a brand extension of what we stand for: helping young professionals make valuable social and professional connections by mixing business and pleasure; throwing out the conventional wisdom that says you have to change who you are to ‘be professional’. Instead, we encourage you to be real, to have fun, and to cultivate authentic and meaningful relationships around social activities and shared experiences.

We recognize that not everyone is comfortable walking up to a stranger and initiating a conversation, as well as that the size of our events can be intimidating, so we rely on our ambassadors to help any attendees who would like their assistance in naturally getting plugged in.

We ask that each ambassador act as a safe and welcoming person to attendees. Their role is to share the message of what Network Under 40 is (and isn’t), make guests feel welcome, and help them to get connected and feel engaged with other people in attendance.

To qualify to be an ambassador, a candidate must be someone who enjoys the events, is interested in showcasing their love of NU40 by spreading the word and sharing the message with attendees, and he/she is a natural connector who is willing to spend their evening talking with anyone who pleases (especially those who are new, standing alone, etc).

An ambassador is asked to commit to being at 6 consecutive monthly events in from 5-9pm.
If one is excessively late, they will be removed from the ambassador team. Ambassadors receive free entry to each event for their 6 month term. Ambassadors also rotate throughout the event to help check in guests at the door. NU40 will work diligently to create a diverse group of ambassadors based on age, gender, industry, etc.

*Please note that we accept applications year round, but some applications will be put on hold if all spots are filled at that time.

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