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There is no substitute for meeting face-to-face, but why not turn to technology to make it easier and less awkward?

“Cold introductions are tough for the vast majority of people, SummitSync goes a long way to help solve that” – Mike Kelly

Network Under 40 has teamed up with SummitSync, a professional networking app designed to facilitate meaningful connections. The app utilizes the fun, familiar, and easy-to-use swipe left/swipe right format to allow event attendees to connect with one another before, during, and after an event. Simply swipe right on an attendee profile card if you’re interested in connecting with him/her, or swipe left if you’re not. When a mutual connection or “sync” is made, in-app messaging is offered to allow users to coordinate a meeting at the event. The app allows users to sign into events and begin syncing starting up to 30 days prior to the event date, and remains open for 72 hours after the event.

Follow the steps below to build the connections you want at our next event:

  1. Download SummitSync (App store or Google Play)
  2. Create your SummitSync account
  3. Find the event you’re attending on the SummitSync app under the explorer tab and enter the password you received in your email confirmation.
  4. That’s it! Just go to the attending tab, click on your event and start syncing!

Need Help? Request support here: tech@summitsync.com


Will people know which way I swipe when I come across their profile?

No, it’s completely anonymous. Users will only know which way another user swiped on them if both users swiped right on each other, creating a connection.

When do I use SummitSync?

Before the event: Users are able to sign into events beginning up to 30 days prior to the event. Use this as an opportunity to connect, interact, and arrange to meet fellow attendees at the upcoming event.

During the event: Have fun! Engage with the people you’ve synced with as well as those you haven’t! Having trouble finding someone you’ve synced with? Use the in app messaging to locate each other, but don’t be that girl or guy who’s glued to their phone!

After the event: The event remains open on SummitSync for 72 hours after the event and the in app messaging service remains available even after the event has closed. The event is over, but the connection is not. Use SummitSync to follow up with the people you met, or to connect with those you missed the chance to talk to.

Does SummitSync cost money?

No! It’s 100% free! You just need to buy a ticket to a Network Under 40 event.

Do I delete SummitSync after the event?

No, you keep SummitSync for use at your next Network Under 40 event!

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