Here at Atlanta Under 40, we believe in the power of connections! We offer our monthly events as a jumping-off point where you can meet and connect with other interesting young professionals in the city by leading with social interaction, building rapport, and then doing business should you so choose. Because we know that the initial interaction you have with someone at our events is just the beginning of a new relationship, and in order to develop a meaningful and lasting relationship of any sort, you have to follow up afterwards and continue to get to know one another. So, we are launching the “Be a connector challenge“!

We want to know what you’ve done after our events to be a connector. Perhaps you met someone and had the perfect contact for them and made an introduction. Or maybe you followed up the next day and invited your new contact to get coffee and learn more about one another. If you did business with someone you met, we want to know about that, too! Basically, we want to know what you did with that business card you exchanged to continue to build on a new relationship.

We’re going to formally launch this challenge with a live Google Hangout on May 5th at 4:00pm (ET). Join us then to talk with Atlanta Under 40’s founder, Darrah Brustein, and get tangible tips on how to maximize your networking efforts and how to be a better connector. After that, we’ll launch the “Be a connector challenge” and ask you to tweet us at @AtlantaUnder40 using #BeAConnector telling us how you’re being a connector. We’ll pick some lucky winners along the way!

Watch The Hangout Here!


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Darrah Brustein
Entrepreneur. Connector. Author.


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