Network Under 40 exists at the intersection of friendship and business. It’s not just about meeting people, it’s about knowing people.


Network Under 40: Birmingham exists at the intersection of friendship and business. We understand that we live in a connection economy and the foundation to success in career and personal life hinges on genuine relationships with real people.

We are about mixing business and pleasure, throwing out the conventional wisdom that says you have to change who you are to ‘be professional’. Instead, we encourage you to be real, to have fun, and to cultivate authentic and meaningful relationships around social activities.  

It’s not just about meeting people, it’s about knowing people. Fortunately, there are a lot of cool people for you to get to know at our events, ranging from tables for ten to several hundred person occasions – Learn More.

Don’t believe us? Check out what Inc. Magazine has to say about how we build local communities and turn transactional, tedious networking events into fun, meaningful experiences!

Come as you are. Build rapport. Leave with a foundation for genuine relationships.

The Event


Q: Do I have to be a member to come?

A: No, we do not offer memberships, no strings attached. Just come when you can!

Q: Who attends these events?

A: Each event has motivated young professionals looking to meet like-minded people. We believe you have to know, like and trust people to do business, so we lead with social connections which results in business.

Q: What should I wear?

A: Business casual is recommended.

Q: Do I have to register before I come?

A: Yes, tickets are only available online – So you must purchase online before attending.

Q: Is there some kind of fee I have to pay every year?

A: No, the only cost is for each event: Early Bird $10 tickets are capped at the first 50 and/or end at 2pm the day of the event. General Admission $20 tickets are capped based on venue capacity and end at 6pm day of the event. Late Admission $25 tickets are also capped based on the venue capacity and start at 6pm day of the event and run till the end of the event.

*Tickets are only available online. You cannot purchase tickets at the door.

Q: Where do the events take place?

A: We meet at different venues around the city.

Connect With Your Local Director

Kate Shannon

Kate Shannon

Birmingham Director

One of my all-time favorite TED talks is Scott Dinsmore’s “How to Find Work You Love.” In his talk, Scott states, “The fastest way to do things you don’t think can be done is to surround yourself with people already doing that.” This is something that really stood out to me when I first heard about Network Under 40 and what the organization stands for – bringing young professionals together to build genuine relationships. When I attended my first event in Atlanta, I knew I had found something special as I listened to people coming together to build friendships and help each other grow and find success.

Network Under 40 isn’t your typical networking event. This isn’t going to feel like speed dating. This isn’t going to feel like a sales gimmick. There is no awkward chatter, and you won’t find yourself stepping into a cliquey environment. Network Under 40 is going to change the way you network. THIS is why I’m so excited to be bringing Atlanta’s largest networking organization to Birmingham! As Scott also says in his TED talk, “There is no bigger life hack in the history of the world from getting where you are today to where you want to be then the people you choose to put in your corner. They change everything.”

When I’m not busy planning our next awesome Birmingham event, you can probably find me running on the side of the road since this has always been a passion of mine when I’m not working as a project manager at Protective Life. You may also see me around the local restaurants here since I am a sucker for some good food. Or I may even be coming to a city near you since travel is also a huge passion of mine. I am so excited to be bringing NU40 to the Birmingham area, and I can’t wait to meet you at an upcoming event! Birmingham, get ready!

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