Did you grow up like I did, loving mystery boxes/bags/prizes? “WHAT’S IN THERE?” you’d wonder with thoughts of untold riches flashing behind your eyes. No matter how many times you end up with a pair of socks and a finger puppet monster you’d still want that mystery box the next time you saw one.

Well, we at Network Under 40: DC are here to recreate that excitement, wonder, and sense of overwhelming possibility with our new referral program! You’re a regular now. You love this event – the people are amazing, the food is delish, the venues are gorgeous. You are on the inside and it’s time to welcome others to the fold.

“But what’s in it for me?” I hear you ask from behind your keyboard.


Here’s what to do:

1) You bring 2 first-timers to the event.
2) You come find me, an ambassador, or a member of our host team and introduce us to your guests.
3) We’ll meet and greet them and learn that this is their first event and then take down your name.
4) You’ll be awarded one of our fabulous mystery prizes at 7:30 that night at the check-in desk.

What could it be?

Well, we’ll tell you that at least part of it is free entry to any event within the next 3 months and the rest will be your mystery prize!

Bring your friends, coworkers, fun Lyft drivers, anybody you want to include in the festivities. They simply have to purchase a ticket and be a first-timer and BOOM: you’re rollin’ in the “dough” of that sweet mystery box prize and a free ticket!

You can continue to win a prize at every event by bringing two new people, so the fun never ends and your childhood mystery box dreams can come true each and every month!

So whaddya say? Get your friends over to the Gryphon this month and see what kind of sweet mystery swag you can walk away with. I guarantee it won’t be boring.

*DC Only*

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