We believe in giving back, and we believe that you do, too. Studies show that people bond more quickly and with more depth when they share experiences. We want to allow you to find fulfillment in dually giving back while connecting with more members of the Network Under 40 community.

Each month we’ve historically allowed a local non-profit to highlight their initiatives. Now we’re taking that one step further to offer a monthly service project to you. What is offered will vary greatly depending on the specialty of each month’s spotlighted non-profit and for that reason, so will dates, locations, and number of open volunteer spots. So, keep an eye out each month for what service opportunity will be available and the details of it to see what strikes you. This will be independently run by the designated non-profit, and in some cases will be exclusively available to Network Under 40 attendees whereas in other cases you’ll mingle with a larger volunteer pool.

We look forward to getting out into the community with you and getting to know you all better while doing so!

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