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FREE Virtual Event: Real Leverage / Self-Managing Success

August 10, 2021 @ 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

Achievers and natural competitors have high expectations for themselves and their performance. When we can reach those markers, AND we know our purpose – it’s a recipe for unequaled fulfillment and satisfaction.

This conversation will help you shorten your to do list, while achieving more, through aligning your own behaviors and strategies to the way self-sustaining changes are actually made.

Mandy will share:

  • specific ways that energy leaks throughout the day
  • how to utilize your own operating system to your advantage
  • a fresh take on daily routine that you won’t hear elsewhere
  • and what the most productive AND happy people are doing.

When you’ve already mastered mindset and strategy, but you’re still perceiving an issue, through this conversation you’ll understand why and what to do about it.

Questions? Please contact hello@networkunder40.com.


About Mandy Barbee Lanier:

Mandy Barbee Lanier, MA Economics & CCHT is a Performance Coach and three-time Founder with 20 years experience leading teams (large and small) in the military, corporate, and clinical worlds.

She helps successful people, especially those leading their own teams, thoughts, and industries, to completely transform / convert anxiety, self perception issues, fear and disconnection into their unique advantage, and fully access their personal power in weeks not years, using her system & framework, Power Play™, combined with their innate capacity for imagery.

Her company Palladium Mind Inc empowers and equips others to identify and permanently resolve the root cause of core inner blocks, and strategically edit and align behaviors, thoughts, and reactions with their highest values, in order to enjoy their success.

Her services provide value in three tangible ways: by helping people to relax, helping them reclaim control, and also helping them transform so they can feel fulfilled in every aspect of their lives. Her work has been featured in Forbes, Thrive Global, Authority Magazine, and more, and she hosts the podcast Calm, Confident & Deliriously Happy.


About Network Under 40:

Network Under 40 exists at the intersection of friendship and business. Over 30,000 business owners, professionals, and entrepreneurial-minded individuals have attended our in-person and virtual events over the last 10 years, and tens of thousands of people stay connected with us each week to receive the latest insights, resources, and ideas around professional networking and relationship-building.



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