Want to be the face of Network Under 40 in your city, while earning a competitive part-time hourly rate and unlimited commissions?

Here’s what some of our previous Event Producer’s have to say about their NU40 experience.
Hosting these networking events has allowed me to expand my network faster than I ever imagined. It gives me autonomy and an element of personal fulfillment because, as a result, I’ve been recognized as a community leader and given additional opportunities. Most importantly, I know I am making an impact. After two years, it still brings me great joy to see the friendships that spark and hear of business relationships and success stories. I love the culture we have created!
Sunny Bray

Nashville Event Director

Hosting events has opened doors, introduced me, and gotten me closer with so many amazing people, and ultimately given me purpose in everything I do!
Sarah Antonieta

Baltimore Event Director

We’re looking for event producers across the United States, and we’d love you to join our team!



Please learn more below, and if you are interested, submit an application. We’ll review and be in touch within 24 hours.

Network Under 40 exists at the intersection of friendship and business. 

We understand that we live in a connection economy and the foundation to success in career and personal life hinges on genuine relationships with real people.

We are about mixing personal and professional, focusing on building deep and meaningful relationships instead of individual transactions. We prefer to have fun, be real, and build life-long friendships.





This is a contract position. You’ll report directly to Natalie, Director of Operations for Network Under 40.

Want to help connect some of your city’s best and brightest Millennial-aged entrepreneurs, corporate talents, and side hustlers? If so, this is a dream job for you.  




  • Build an engaged and passionate community of people who want to attend monthly Network Under 40 events.
  • Produce memorable in-person events with the help of NU40 HQ where attendees can show up as their best selves, feel comfortable in a networking environment, and make new friends that also can turn into business relationships.
  • Own the full sales process for finding Brand Partners who wish to create long-term relationships with Network Under 40. This includes research, prospecting, outreach, pitching, creating sponsorship proposals with our templates, negotiating, and closing deals for IN-PERSON event sponsors in your city. 
  • Promote events to relevant audiences, affinity groups, news outlets, and other local networks so that 100-250 of your city’s best and brightest show up to each event. 
  • Source speakers, entertainers such as musicians or dancers, volunteers to help with check-in and overall “production”, and coordinate with vendors, sponsors, partners, and the NU40 HQ team to ensure our monthly events are facilitated smoothly. 
  • Track, forecast, and report sales performance against our available ad inventory. We will co-create quarterly sales targets with you, and work with you to create more ad inventory as you exhaust our available partnership options and ad availability. 



  • Does this sound like you? 
    • You’ve sold dozens of sponsorship packages for in-person networking events and conferences, and already know a ton of companies in your area that would be excited to sponsor Network Under 40 events. 
    • You thoroughly enjoy interacting with entrepreneurs, have an outgoing personality, can handle stressful situations or big personalities, and simply love people.
    • You are the life of the party, and regularly host or attend networking events, dinner parties, volunteer outings, and other experiences where you can make friends and introduce people to one another.
    • No one needs to hold your hand when it comes to sales, follow-up with calls, GIFs, and gifts when necessary, and have “Hustle” as the middle name on your passport. 
    • You love the idea that your work will help small business owners, rockstar corporate “intrapreneurs” and side-hustlers alike make new friends, experience transformative networking events, and build their careers. 


What We Are Selling

  • We are tinkering with our offers, ad inventory, and sponsorships, but here’s what we have right now for you to share with potential Brand Partners…
    • We host monthly networking events in Atlanta GA & Nashville TN at cool venues and are expanding to new cities around the US.
    • At these events, we sell tickets to individuals ($19.99 – $29.99) and sponsorship packages to companies like Google, Audi, ADP, BlackRock, HelloFresh, American Express, etc. 
    • To keep things simple, we are selling sponsorships for monthly, in-person events. There is one package we sell, and we sell in three (3) different tiers based on how long a company wishes to commit. Slight modifications can be made per-market.


  • The pricing (for now) will be as follows. 
    • $2,500 (one time) – sponsor one event. 
    • $1,500 (per month) – sponsor three events. 
    • $1,000 (per month) – sponsor twelve events (full year commitment).


  • Commissions would represent a bulk of your pay in this position if you’re successful, and can earn you up to $1000-$1500 per month on commissions alone (at part-time hours) at our current sponsorship rates. 
    • Of course, we are open to adding more events in your market, raising sponsor rates if we’re continuously selling out of sponsorship inventory, and finding other creative ways to engage sponsors, meaning you can earn even more with us over time.


  • Pay: Competitive hourly rates and commissions (for a part-time role of 5-10 hours/week), with the ability to grow into a full-time role managing multiple cities in your region and traveling regularly.
  • Insights and hands-on coaching on experience design, community development, facilitating, networking and relationship-building, and more from USA Today’s “Most Connected Millennial”
  • Become the face of Network Under 40 in your city, opening doors to a network of entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, cool venues, artists, and others.
  • Monthly strategy sessions with NU40 HQ.
  • Access to invite-only dinners, Meeting of the Minds summits, and virtual NU40 events
  • And more! Make this job something that’s dreamy for you :).

If this screams your name and you’re serious about the role, then we would love to learn more about you. We’re excited to connect!

*This is a paid 1099 contract position with a time commitment of 5-10 hours a week depending on your efficiency and workflow.

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