Host Team Application

Do you want to work at one of our events as a staff member of the host team?

The host team has one of the most critical roles at our events: they create an attendee’s first impression of Network Under 40. For this reason, we look to hire people who are upbeat, positive, and welcoming. Most people are uncomfortable in large groups of people, so it’s important that our host team members put them at ease.

What Does The Job Entail?

1) Checking People In: A big part of the team’s job is to get people checked in quickly so they can start connecting with other attendees. It’s your role to be proactive in speaking with people as they arrive and keep the process rolling. If a guest does not have their ticket ready to be scanned, you’ll ask for their name to look them up in the system.

2) Name Tags: There should always be at least one team member focused on keeping the name tag table clean and well-stocked with inserts and plastic name tag holders. This area can bog down quickly, so it’s important that you give people friendly direction and keep them moving through the process and into the event.

3) Answering Questions: People will have questions like ‘Where’s the bathroom?’, ‘Where is the food?’, and ‘How do I get started?’. Make sure you’re up-to-speed by asking your event director to prepare you with answers to frequently asked questions before the event begins.


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May 24, 2016