So, what do you do? – If just reading that makes your eyes roll, we get you. Just because you don’t work for a senator (#coffeeruns) or have GS before your title doesn’t mean you don’t have a place in the DC networking scene…well, at least not anymore.

Networking is shown to be one of the most impactful things you can do for your business and career (not to mention your social life) but many people avoid it because they’re either nervous to go in blind, worried they don’t have anything to contribute, or scared they don’t have an impressive enough title. At Network Under 40:DC we want you just as you are.

We aren’t like your normal DC scene where you’re too busy making it rain business cards to actually learn what someone is passionate about. We aren’t a skeevy “business casual” dating pool (although our attendees do sometimes find genuine romantic connections at our events). We’re not going to section you off based on your industry or feed you cheesy prompts to “break the ice”. (No trust falls here guys.)

DC is a city of change and if you’re not one of the 7 people who actually grew up in the area, you probably want to meet some of DC’s best and brightest, but it can be difficult out at a random bar, and your social pool gets cloudy sometimes when you only have access to the people with whom you work. How do you make friends and real meaningful connections as an adult? Let me tell you, it’s not always easy. Network Under 40 was founded to help grease the wheels a bit and give people a non-judgemental place to meet and mingle and make meaningful connections with other driven and passionate people.

Let’s compare what you’ll hear at Network Under 40 as opposed to “those other events”.

Other events: “So what do you do?”
Network Under 40:DC: “What are you passionate about?”

Other events: “Who do you work for?”
Network Under 40:DC: “What do you want to accomplish this year?”

Other events:  “Do you wanna hear my elevator pitch?”
Network Under 40:DC: “Did you hear the new David Bowie album?”

Other events: “Yeah I’m totally gonna follow up with you later…”
Network Under 40:DC: “Yeah, I’ve got it in my calendar now. I’ll see you at Sticky Rice next Wednesday at 7pm and we can talk about your new book!”

Other events: “Sorry I just don’t see how you could help me right now.”
Network Under 40:DC: “I don’t know anything about that kind of work but tell me more!”

Strother Gaines
DC Director

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