From the moment I walked in, everyone there was ready to meet everyone else in the room. It was a wonderful experience in which to network! Looking forward to your next event!

Melizza C

I never thought I would put fun and networking in the same sentence. You have truly created something amazing!
Amanda C

I’ve met people who have inspired and motivated me to do better and be a better person. I have been given ideas and outlets for different and possible new career paths.


I will definitely be back. This is the first time I have ever truly enjoyed a networking event!
Amanda G

It was my first time attending the event and I want to let you know that I was very impressed! Thank you for hosting such a great event.

This was my third NU40 event and it just keeps growing! It was fun meeting old friends and making new ones. This event definitely helped build my business, as well.
Renaldo Gomes

Looking back on my first interactions with NU40, I certainly wanted to meet new people, but my top priority was to do so with the intent of growing my business. Over time though, it turned into much more than that. I have realized through NU40 that simply investing in relationships and in people that see value in doing the same is what really moves the needle. From the relationships I have formed through NU40, some have turned into business partnerships and others into clients, but most all have turned into friends.
Betsy Lindell

Network Under 40 has consistently been the best culture fit for me of all the networking events I attend.

Being someone who has attended many high quality social events over the years, I can say with a great degree of certainty that Network Under 40 has great taste. The professionalism of the individuals present at the events I have attended so far have been exceptional. In addition to the networking, the venues, staff, hors d’oeuvres, and ambassadors all come together for a delightful social experience. A young professional would be hard pressed to find a more organized and mature networking experience. I would highly recommend these events to anyone looking to hone their networking skills and meet some great people.
Chris Limina

Gladiac Technology

I always have a good time at Network Under 40 events. The people are very friendly and approachable and there’s always good energy.  Recently, I was referred by a contact I met at a Network Under 40 event, which turned into a performance gig for me.  I was hired to perform at a party in a 7 million dollar home here in Atlanta.  The biggest challenge with my business is that not enough people are aware of what I do, and this networking event helped me solve that problem.
Kimyung Kim

Professional Freestyle Rapper

The impact that Network Under 40 has had in my life is almost too great for words. I would constantly attend networking events where I was the youngest person in the room. I felt I was either talked down to or that my goals and visions weren’t aligning with the transaction-based conversations that were taking place. When I went to Network Under 40, I found a community of peers who had huge aspirations for their business and for what they wanted to create in the world. I got my life out of the events. Not only did I meet some of my best friends (no kidding, I’m even a bridesmaid in one of their weddings!), I met my amazing boyfriend, who is so ambitious and supportive. I also met a group of people who, through their incredible vulnerability, linked arms with me in creating a national social awareness movement to positively to bring a voice to General Anxiety Disorder and Depression. Through the relationships I’ve cultivated in Network Under 40, this message is now positively impacting people on a much broader scale than I ever anticipated. I can’t say enough good things about this community. The caliber of attendees and the real, honest, impactful conversations and relationships that are developed have quite literally altered the course of my life, and as a result, many others.
Kait LeDonne

Brand Strategist

“I’m lucky to get to meet really interesting peers all over the world professionally, but socially, that’s exactly the challenge–they’re all spread across the globe and not local. Walking into Network Under 40 events, I know it’ll be a night of fun conversations with cool people who are similarly professionally driven. And after every event, I seem to walk away with at least one genuine new friendship. I always find someone new outside of my usual circles with whom I really click.”
Anna Cable

Gray Matters Capital

“I’ve had nothing but disappointing experiences with networking events as a whole, BUT this is the first one I’ve been to that I actually enjoyed; it over-delivered. I expected to see really young and inexperienced people or those who were just job seeking. Everyone I spoke with had varying levels of experience and that was refreshing. Some conversations were more personal, others were social, and some were about business and talking shop. The amalgamation of all of those made it great. No one tried to sell me something, no one was thirsty. It felt like true networking where people were there to get to know each other and there was a personable feel that I had never imagined and had never seen before.”

Cancer Treatment Centers of America

I’ve been to many networking events before, and I have to say that this was on a whole different level! The vibe was more relaxed, and I especially appreciated the ambassadors. I had a really nice chat with one of them and will definitely be coming back!
William Smith


Network Under 40 is a series of events that takes the scary shit out of networking. You can actually be yourself at these events!
Jay Austin


Network Under 40 is not your typical event. I’ve often stepped into the room feeling like I already had a room full of friends. Part of what makes it unique is there is no bombarding with 20 guys in suits that seem about retirement age trying to offer you cheaper siding on your house that you may not even own yet. Really there is no feeling of a sales pitch at all. It feels like going to a party with good food where you want to meet everyone. I honestly left my first time thinking wow that was great but I enjoyed myself so much I forgot to “network”. That’s not the case at all. During the rest of the week various other attendees reached out to me about what I was working on. Some booking me, some wanting to join me, and some even just wanting to help. Joe Zumbo makes it not only look easy but fun. You, not your business card is allowed to show through and the rest ends up being a history of success. I have to thank them personally for helping me with that extra boost to venture out on my own from my full time job this month to pursue what works for me. Hope to see you all June 16th at Red Maple for next Month’s at 6 pm.
Owen O'Donnell

What a wonderful time I had at at the inaugural Network Under 40 event last week. What struck me about the event was how easy it was to connect with new people and make new connections. Unlike any of the hundreds of other network events I’ve attended, this event was unique in the types of people who attended, so warm, open and young! I had a great time and look forward to the next.
Catherine Wood

Strother and the Under 40 gang were great to work with, and made space for us to talk about our non-profit work with other individuals. The event was high-energy and people were really easy to strike up conversation with.
Eddy Ameen

Stand Up For Kids

If you’re looking to meet some new faces and have some fun, Network Under 40 is the place for you. There are no sales pitches here; just some genuinely nice people looking to expand their local network.
Nick Ibello

Williams Asset Management

I had a great time last week at the first Network Under 40 event! I was able to reconnect with old friends, meet several new people and make introductions for others too. I also enjoyed the laid back feel and hospitality provided by the venue, sponsors and hosts. I look forward to interacting with a diverse group at future events. Cheers!
Adam Van Bavel


It was one of the best events I ever attended! Met several new people and got a few leads. Can’t wait for the next one!
CV Sudarshan

Gorilla Expense

Thank you for allowing PayMetrix HR to sponsor your event on February 12th! The event exceeded our expectations on many levels but mostly from the standpoint that you purposely go out of your way to make intentional introductions to everyone in the room. We made some very solid connections that I am sure will turn into business not only for us but for others that we can help with revenue generating opportunities.
Scott M. Soder

PayMetrix HR, Inc.

I was introduced to a potential hire who came in the following week for an interview and will be starting work with us next week.  This is just one of several great new connections I’ve made at Network Under 40 events.
Jonathan Habif


In my line of business, networking is an essential component of what I do to develop successful business relationships and increase brand awareness. Network Under 40 provides a wonderful opportunity to explore the city, establish new business/social connections and educate other individuals about the company I work for. It’s become an invaluable organization and I encourage young professionals in a variety of industries to attend whenever possible. You’ll be glad you did.
Josh Rothburd


Network Under 40 is the best social-professional networking event around. The venues are hip, the food/drinks are great, and the chance to meet valuable leads is high! Get this event on your calendar fast!
Meg Murray

Bernard Health

Network Under 40 is my new thing to look forward to every month! I always meet a bunch of great contacts and have even made a few new friends! I invited a handful of my friends to come with me last night and they already asked me when the next event was! Network Under 40 is the perfect networking opportunity that is sure to keep you coming back! Thanks to Darrah for reaching out to me and getting me involved! Hope to see you all next time!
Nelly Morris

Hennessy Transportation

Of all the networking events I attend, Network Under 40 is by far my favorite. There’s always an amazing atmosphere and great people in attendance. It’s a healthy mix of social and business networking that is hard to find elsewhere in the city. The venues are always great; it’s a different experience every month and I’m always finding new places to take friends and clients. Above all things, Network Under 40 is a fun networking event where I meet better contacts than I usually do at other less enjoyable networking activities
Rob Fine

Digits in Motion

I’ve been going to the Network Under 40 events for almost a year now. It’s been an incredible way to get to know young professionals in Atlanta. I always leave the event feeling inspired by the connections made. It’s truly a networking event that manages to be professional, fun, & worth while. Looking forward to the next one already!
Molly Kissner

Local Marketing Inc.

As a recent graduate and newcomer to the Atlanta area, this event has enabled me to engage with other like-minded individuals and broaden my perspective of career-based networking.  The casual atmosphere of these events coupled with the professionalism of the organization creates the best opportunity to meet others.  I look forward to continuing the relationships that have formed from these events.
Nick Purcell

SBCH Architects

Since attending the Network Under 40 events, my professional network has grown tremendously.  I have made more meaningful connections in three Network Under 40 events, than I have all year at other events. As soon as tickets go on sale for the next event, I am pre-registering to make sure I have a spot.  The atmosphere at the events are conducive for making strong, meaningful connections.
Chris Lusk


Network Under 40 is unlike any other event I’ve attended.  It’s the perfect mix of business and pleasure!  It’s great to be able to meet individuals from all backgrounds and careers all in one place.  It was nice being in an environment where people were genuinely interested in getting to know you!
Danasia Fantastic

The Urban Realist

I have attended two Network Under 40 Events and I must say as professional networker, Network Under 40 is an event that is not to be missed. If you want to meet other like- minded professionals this is the place to be every month. I have built partnerships with other attendees who have become personal brand ambassadors. It also has enabled me to enhance business by connecting my clients to people and services outside of real-estate, making our experience relationship based vs. transactional.My partners appreciate that I can connect them with someone new every month. My friends come to me for advice and are always asking me for referrals for different services and its nice to have the opportunity to build relationships through Network Under 40 and ensure that my referral will be a reflection of me, and how much I care.” -Victoria Strange, Keller Williams Realty“Network Under 40 is one of the best networking groups I have been a part of.  I always make great connections while meeting great people at each event.  Every event I have been to has been unique and better than the last.  There are always freebies and who doesn’t love free stuff (that you can actually use)!  The paces they choose are always in popular locations.  Besides all the fun stuff that NU40 provides, they are very organized, professional and serious about networking.  You won’t regret joining and attending any of the events they put on.
Lizann Destin

Fitness as a Lifestyle

The Network Under 40 events have provided me the opportunity to meet other highly motivated young entrepreneurs and successful individuals. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed meeting others who appreciate and understand the importance of building a solid network of working professionals. The venues have been ideal, bringing an excellent atmosphere together with food, beverages and fun times. If you haven’t been to an event yet then you’re missing out!
Brandon Hayes

oXYGen Financial, Inc.

I attended my first Network Under 40 event a few months ago, and it has quickly become one of my favorite networking groups. In addition to making new business connections, I have also made several new friends. Network Under 40 is something that I look forward to every month, and in addition to having a great crowd, the event is always at a new, fun venue. Well done!
Steve Budde


I have attended many of these events now and can say that it attracts a fun, sophisticated crowd that has allowed me to meet great people in a new town. Most of the time I can’t do direct business with the attendees, however it is refreshing to interact with other 20-30 somethings from every industry that are driven and take interest in gaining meaningful relationships.
Chris Fromuth

Eaton Corporation

While my occupation does not involve much in the business development realm, I find great benefits in attending Network Under 40 to network with other mature, driven professional in a friendly setting. It is refreshing and rewarding to meet new people, share what you do, and learn about their work.
Scott Barr

New York Life Investments

Network Under 40 is the only open networking event I regularly attend and for good reason: every single time I go I make great connections that result in business and partnerships. The atmosphere is fun and encouraging, it’s great to talk about small business struggles and triumphs over a few drinks without an agenda or a program interrupting the flow every few minutes. I’ve gotten well over $10,000 in direct business from attending these events and have built relationships that will result in much more than that over the coming year.
Brad Weaver

Suckerpunch Studios

Thanks for another great Network Under 40! This event month after month has had a significant impact on my business. I have not only picked up new clients, but formed several valuable referral partnerships. Expectations are exceed at every gathering.
Greer Gorman


Network Under 40 is by far the best networking event I have been a part of. I lined up 5 meetings at the very first event I attended. Thank you for creating and maintaining an excellent group!
Gary Vogt

AV8 Studios

It was a great event! The atmosphere was incredible and I have never been to a networking event where folks were so open.

Jane M

Sometimes networking events can feel like speed-dating with people who speak to you long enough to suss out whether or not you can benefit them. This event felt very genuine! There were a lot of familiar faces, as well as a lot of new ones who were so excited and said they’d be back with 5 of their friends. One woman told me, “I was having so much fun, I didn’t realize it was already 9!”


I met someone during last month event and after sitting down with her and learning her business. She motivated me to pursue my dreams and now we have a long lasting friendship!

Network Under 40 is the first time in my life (literally) that I have had any positive emotions towards the idea of networking. The inauthenticity of most networking events is tiresome and ineffective and I could tell from the website and testimonials alone that NU40 was changing the game. Networking doesn’t have to be miserable. It’s actually a great way to build friendships and business simultaneously and Network Under 40 does it well. Networking is a necessity and I don’t want anyone else to miss out like I have been because of the negative connotation around ‘networking’.
Kiara Green

Salt & Kepler

Network Under 40 provided our group, The American Cancer Society Young Professionals Board, the ideal opportunity to interact with other young professionals in the Nashville area. We love the laid back, yet classy atmosphere of the events which allow for easy conversation and mingling. The ambassadors helped with introductions and made sure everyone felt comfortable. The promotion and communication with attendees helped boost the event and awareness of our nonprofit and its initiative. It was inspiring to have guests come up to the table expressing their excitement to learn more from our group and to get involved. We would be honored to collaborate with Network Under 40 again in the future.
Mackenzie Evans

Community Manager, Relay For Life, American Cancer Society

I gave Network Under 40 a try because I had nothing to lose. At the first event, I met someone with whom we now do business. I can directly tie her contract to securing a $2.2M grant. Yes, I will be attending another Network Under 40 event.
Carrie Rich

CEO, The Global Good Fund

Network Under 40 has proven to be an amazing business networking platform for our company, WPM Real Estate. My colleagues and I are dedicated to attending each and every event and making great new contacts in Baltimore to help our business grow. I highly recommend this as a tool to anyone who is looking to market, promote, and share their business with others as well as obtain potential business partners in the Baltimore area. Network Under 40 is a program we believe in and have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of at 2 East Wells. We are always excited to find out where the next venue will be and have made some great new professional and personal connections along the way.
Melody Chapman

2 East Wells

The events are very well-organized, beautiful venues each time with great food/drinks… basically great environment to network and meet lots of quality people.
Kira R.

Network Under 40 is an awesome outlet for young professionals. I have made some lucrative connections because of this organization and I highly recommend it to professionals under 40 looking to make new connections for business in Baltimore.
Jenn Pak


Network Under 40 featured the organization I volunteer with, Stand Up For Kids, this November at the Big Stick and it was such a great experience. It gave us a unique platform to share information about our organization with a group of professional peers, and it was a really fun event on top of that. Strother made everything enjoyable and easy and I plan to attend future events just to continue networking and meeting other attendees.
Tovah Weinberg

I went to the Network Under 40 event for the first time last month and was impressed. I had not seen that many ATL Professionals in one place before. I brought a stack of my business cards with me and left with a pocketful at the end of the night. Great connections made! Can’t wait for the AQUARIUM next week!
Ash Brown

Network Under 40 was relaxed and fun! If you are looking for a different kind of event that doesn’t feel forced, definitely give this a try. It was also a great opportunity to check out a new neighborhood and bar.
Katie Gage

“What you’ve created is really so impressive. The event was helpful, un-stuffy, well run and clearly thought out. As a network-er it was worthwhile and exciting to attend
Eva Keough


This is a great event with no presentations to sit through, just get right into building relationships. At the first event I was able to refer two of my clients to each other and meet dynamic young professionals. At the next event I was able to find a potential client and make some friends as well. As someone who goes to many networking events Network Under 40 sets itself apart in that it’s not stuffy and you make great contacts and have a blast doing it. Thanks Joe! This fills a huge void in Baltimore.
Jane Daniel

Sparks! Web|Media|Marketing

Last night was one of the best networking events I’ve ever been to! An incredible group of people! I’m look forward to future events!
Jason Bass

Skillz OnDemand

I wanted to thank you for hosting a great event at the Buckhead Club last night. I thought everything was fantastic, everyone was very nice, and one of the best networking events I’ve been to in a while.
Joseph Lovaglio

Dogwood Golf Club

I am a big fan of the Network Under 40 events. They draw a great crowd of young professionals and there’s always good energy – lots of smiles and laughter. I see familiar faces and meet new people every time. I love that the venue is different each month – it keeps things fresh and interesting, and exposes me to parts of the city I may not venture to on my own. Whether you’re new to Atlanta or are a native, looking for a job, some new friends (or even a date!), it’s a great way to enjoy an evening.
Aly Moler

The Ice Cream Bar

Not the typical networking event… Network Under 40 provides a fun and casual atmosphere where it is easy to meet professionals across a variety of industries, reconnect with friends, and try out a local spot around the city!
Roshni Rai

Network Under 40 is one of the most open networking groups I’ve ever attended. The individuals that come to this event are eager to meet everyone in the room and learn more about them. I strongly encourage Network Under 40 events for those that need to network for their business or those that simply want to socialize. Thumbs up!
Kathryn Powell


As a native of Atlanta, a business man, a world traveler, and a self-proclaimed social butterfly, I can attest that Darrah has a keen sense of how to provide a casual and elegant atmosphere for networking. She is filling the need of a balanced business/social group in Atlanta for the ever-busier urban hustlers, dreamers, and fun-seekers. After speaking with her group’s leadership, I have no doubt Network Under 40 will continue its up-swell alongside the rising tide of Atlanta’s blooming business environment. I expect to return and continue to find lasting relationships. I look forward to meeting you all there!
Nicholas Ward


Network Under 40 is always a great event. It is one of the more relaxed business networking events in the city. Great people every month and always at a great location.
Jason Friedlander


Who knew networking could be so fun! It was wonderful being able to celebrate 3 years of this amazing organization at Tongue & Groove with young professionals in all different career fields who love what they do. Big kudos to Darrah and her passion to bring people together at a venue for one evening monthly to have a good time, while making meaningful connections. It’s basically the biggest happy hour in the city! I’ve attended 2 events and I’ve never walked away disappointed with the conversations or connections made. I loved inviting my circle of friends and already have other people who couldn’t attend ask me about it the following day. I would recommend anyone going! You won’t regret it.
Grace Lee

Georgia State University Admissions Office

Network Under 40 is the best networking event I have had the opportunity to attend in Atlanta. They create a relaxing atmosphere that takes away the pressures of meeting people. I have attended 2 events so far and they continue to wow me with the creativity behind venue planning. I have yet to bring or meet a young professional who has not enjoyed this amazing networking experience. There is no membership fee or strings attached, which I find to be the most unique. Network Under 40 has created a powerhouse among networking events.
David Gomes

Eddie’s Landscaping

I have been attending the Network Under 40 events since last year and I love them! I have made several new friendships and business partnerships. I look forward to these every month – it is a great chance to network with people in your age range and have fun doing it! The previous event at the Glenn Hotel was very beautiful; perfect weather on a rooftop overlooking Atlanta, what more could you want?
Kellie Yood

Jack Nadel International

Network Under 40 has been one of the most beneficial network events for my company here in Atlanta. Network Under 40 offers an excellent chance to network with people from various industries in a great environment at some of Atlanta most prominent venues.
Craig Ganssle


Thank you Darrah for putting on such a great event! I think I can speak for everyone in saying that last night’s event was a huge success. I made several connections with guests of the event that I can honestly say will help me with my business going forward, whether it be a referral partnership or direct opportunity for Paymetrix HR. I will continue to support Network Under 40 at every chance and will be sure to tell my friends and associates it is a can’t miss event. I look forward to the next Network Under 40 event!
Cole Lumpkin

Paymetrix HR

The Network Under 40 events are really something special. If you’re looking to expand your network and branch out to meet different people, this is definitely the place for you!
Tony Price

Georgia State University

Network Under 40 is an absolute must-attend, and by far my favorite Atlanta networking event. Not only have I made invaluable business contacts through Network Under 40, but I’ve also made a ton of good friends. I’m a huge fan!
Jon Effron


As a law firm consultant, I constantly express to my clients the importance of effective networking to increase profitability. Not only must one practice it but also be efficient at it by leveraging the exact relationships that propel the bottom line in the least amount of time. With all the networking groups popping up, one can easily get filled with unproductive and dead-end leads. Network Under 40 impressively separated itself from these ineffective “meet-ups” by inviting only credible and ambitious professionals that share the drive to evolve their own definition of success. If your behavior impacts your own bottom line, I highly recommend you make attending a Network Under 40 event one of your new year’s resolutions.
Alvaro A. Arauz

3a Growth Management

When attending my first Network Under 40 event, it was primarily to grow my network for possible job leads, realizing the events provided much more. The connections made at the event have gone beyond simple connections. Great locations, interesting people, lasting connections.
Emir Escalante

Georgia Pacific

Being a part of Network Under 40 has been a great networking tool for me. I have met a lot of new people and have made some great friends. I feel that Network Under 40 is a professional relaxing place to network with people your own age.
Wilson Covington

SpaceMax Storage

You always hear that networking events are crucial to your success, but you might not always want to attend because you’ll know no one there. NU40 is the exception – working professionals from a variety of industries come together once a month in an inviting and relaxed atmosphere where everyone is greeted with a warm welcome. To date, I have opened more than 5 new accounts, had a handful of meetings, and made some of my best friends in Atlanta. I’m incredibly grateful for all of the new experiences I have had through NU40 and am looking forward to making new connections in 2012.
Jessie Fream


Arrived for my first event at “The Ivy”. Had been wanting to try this place, so I was excited! Everyone who attended was nice, down to earth, and fun! I had the time of my life networking! And to top it off…later I discovered I won a door prize for a $10 gift certificate at “The Ivy” ! It was a magical night!
Lisa Berrios

Bliss Hypnosis

I found it to be very rewarding–great mix of good people and great conversation. I’ll be back next month.
Sam Divine

Cross Atlantic Business Advisors

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