Do you ever just want to cut the small talk and get to the good stuff?

Like what you #GiveADamn about in this world? What really matters to you?

At Network Under 40, we #GiveADamn about human connection and the power of collaboration, friendship, and community!

As we wrap up 2017 together and head to The Center For Civil and Human Rights, a place that makes us reflect on the people who really gave a damn about something, we want to invite you to share with us what you #GiveADamn about!

Are you passionate about literacy, inclusion, healthcare, raising a great human being, nutrition, education, or something else — we want to know about it!

This is our rallying cry: tell us what ignites passion in you and how you’re working to improve it in your own way with a video or note using #NU40 and #GiveADamn.

At this month’s Atlanta event on Thursday, December 14th we’ll also invite you to share with us and with each other in person.

We believe that by expressing what really makes us tick, that we create faster and more meaningful connections, as well as find support amongst a tribe of people who want to make a positive impact in their community or the world.

We can’t wait to learn what you #GiveADamn about!

PS In case that wasn’t clear, we’re asking you to do 2 things:

1) Get a ticket to our event on December 14th where we want to know what you #GiveADamn about and hope you’ll find a deeper connection as a result of sharing. This is how real friendships and business collaborations ignite!

2) Let us know before the event, too, by posting a video to your social media using #GiveADamn, #NU40, and tag us @NetworkUnder40

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