Win A Free Year of NU40 Events

Attendees of the July 12th event in Atlanta, GA will have the chance to participate in a Wharton research initiative led by doctoral candidate Julianna Pillemer and NYT best-selling author and top Wharton Professor Adam Grant. They are studying how and why people form and sustain meaningful professional connections from brief initial interactions.

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What You’ll Get

As a gesture of our gratitude for your participation, those who complete the study will receive:

  • Be entered to win a year of free Network Under 40 events (There will be 5 winners)

What We Are Asking From You

Participation in this research will involve taking 3 surveys that will take approximately 20 minutes total time commitment about your personality and the connections you make at the June event. These will be spaced over a span of 1 month. Responses will be kept completely confidential, and your data will never be shared with anyone outside the research team.

Here is a breakdown of the surveys and time commitment:

  • You will get one survey the day after the event – It will take about 10 minutes
  • Two weeks after the event you will have a survey that will take 5 minutes or less
  • One month after the June event you will receive the last survey that will take an additional 5 minutes or less

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We value your privacy, your answers to the surveys will be kept confidential.

Want to email Julianna? Hit her up: pillemer@wharton.upenn.edu

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