We could go on for days about why we think networking is important and why we think Under 40 is a great place to do it! But, what’s better than hearing it straight from the horse’s mouth? Take a quick read at this post from David Gomes of Eddies Landscaping Inc about his experiences:

After my first networking event with Atlanta Under 40, I took to social media raving about this amazing organization. There was no pressure, no one trying to win over my time or money for the next year – just a bunch of young professional making connections. I mean come on, there has to be a catch, right? Well there isn’t. We have the opportunity to check out amazing venues around Atlanta once a month and find out what other young professionals are doing in the community. I believe in the power of connection – Atlanta Under 40 has captured the essence of networking at its finest.

I had the chance of meeting the amazing young entrepreneur, Darrah Brustein, founder of Atlanta Under 40. Darrah simply wanted to create a place that brought together like minded individuals that “wasn’t a singles event, a room full of sales people, and/or a membership-based group.” It is amazing to see what she has accomplished in just 3 short years of launching the organization. She also has the ability to seamlessly maneuver around ice storms and still pull off flawless events. I have yet to bring or meet a young professional who hasn’t enjoyed their time at the events.

Atlanta Under 40 is hands down, the best networking event that I have had the opportunity of experiencing in Atlanta. It really does speak volumes – there are no strings attached ($10 dollars pre-registration $20 dollars at the door). I have been to 2 of the events so far, East Andrews and the Glenn Hotel Sky Lounge, each venue bringing its own unique offering.  Events are planned a couple months in advance making it easy to blend into our schedules. If that isn’t enough, they are active on social media, engaging followers with give-a-ways and relevant news. Atlanta Under 40 is a must try for all young professionals looking to build friendships and make professional contacts.


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