Thanks to all of you who responded to our survey!

We had over 100 responses and overall saw a lot of positive and constructive feedback, which we appreciate!  As promised, we have a winner for a FREE YEAR OF ADMISSION! Congrats to ROB FINE, YOU WON!

Out of respect for our community, we wanted to take time to address some of the themes that came out of your insights:

What is Atlanta Under 40?

 The entire foundation and purpose for the creation of Atlanta Under 40 was to curate an environment whereby peers (people under 40 in Atlanta) can gather monthly to diversify the people they know, lead with social interactions in order to build rapport, and in turn, develop relationships that can lead to unforeseen payoffs later (both in your personal and professional lives). We work diligently to create fun environments in which to facilitate this for you and love hearing about the things that came out of it for you afterwards!

We hope you’ll join us (or continue to do so) with this understanding in mind: that trying to meet everyone in a room is not productive; that lightening rarely strikes and you won’t often connect directly with someone who is precisely what you need at that moment; that the value is garnered over time when you do the follow up after an event; that you have to build rapport and trust with people you meet in order to seek anything from them; and that the more diverse your group of contacts becomes, the more success you will ultimately find in both your personal and professional life.

(For more on this, please read this recent blog about what we learned from Zappos…)

Location and Time Frame of Our Events

Our events are every second Thursday of the month and run from 6-9 pm so people can come/go as they’re able.
Some like to come directly from work and other would prefer to come later.

Our venues are selected strategically to cater to where the majority of you work and/or live which is in/around Buckhead, Midtown and Downtown. We also like to vary our venue types to encourage people with different tastes and interests to attend, as well as to introduce you to interesting venues which you may never before have visited! With this in mind, the favorites and least favorite venues from our survey all overlapped, hence our interest in moving around and letting you select which months and which venues you’ll attend.

With that in mind, we work hard to make sure parking is available and affordable (usually free), and that the space can accommodate a group our size.  As you’ll see for February’s event, we are limiting ticket sales to make sure the space will not be too tight.  Please keep in mind that we have no control over when people arrive/depart our events, so we apologize when events get crowded, but hope you’ll use that opportunity to meet the people around you!

You want easier ways to meet one another!

We will be trying out a new ice breaker at February’s event that will be easy for everyone and hopefully will make walking up to someone new a little easier for you.  We will continue to work on ways to make this as comfortable as possible for you. Always keep in mind that the value of Atlanta Under 40 is that everyone is there to meet new people, so there should be no fear in walking up to someone, they’ll actually appreciate it! We also encourage you to ask others at the event to introduce you to others if you feel uncomfortable!

You Want People’s Contact Info Before/After Events

We completely understand why you’d like to know who will be at an event and who attended an event you also attended. We are working on the technology side of this as well as the privacy issues that are involved.  Stay tuned as we sort out an appropriate solution for you!

In the interim, be sure you’re on our social media platforms (links at bottom of email) where you’re welcome to connect with one another at any time!

90% of you feel our pricing is fair!

Thank you for confirming this with us.  There are many costs that go into executing these events from venue, to staffing, photography/videography,
marketing, and professional fees.  It isn’t a small feat to get 200 great people in the same room at the same time every month, so we appreciate that you echoed seeing that value.  We encourage everyone to pre-register rather than paying the elevated price at the door, so please remember to do that every month before 2pm the day of the event to save half-price.

For the cost of admission, you get a curated group of great young professionals who are there to meet you, light bites, typically free parking,and generally extra giveaways like our Uber gift cards!

Some of you asked for more deals and giveaways.  Please keep your eyes on our social media pages as we frequently post for contests, giveaways, discounts, and job openings!

 Thanks again everyone and see you on Feb. 13th from 6-9pm at SkyLounge (Glenn Hotel’s rooftop venue…which is heated!)

Less than 140 tickets left, get yours soon!

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